VisualDivX 0.83

A free and fast movie cataloguer with a good import feature

If you find yourself with more and more movies on your computer and you are looking for an efficient way to catalogue them, then look no further. Before wasting time on the many variations that just don't meet the standard you're after, try VisualDivX.

This handy cataloguer is very useful for creating a list of your movies quickly and to get the details of every one automatically using a database available on the net.



VisualDivX 0.83

— User reviews — about VisualDivX

  • vicenrico

    by vicenrico

    "The Best movie manager i've seen"

    I think is the best movie manager there is at this moment. I used to use Ant Movie Catalog, but this is a complete rewri... More.

    reviewed on August 31, 2007

  • njneiljones100

    by njneiljones100


    Simple to use but a bit basic and can only store movies. More.

    reviewed on May 30, 2007